J18 Event Partner

Clever Club Products were proud to be the Event Partners for J18. It was the first Jamboree that we have helped manage and we learned a lot. 

We looked after all the marketing to the members who attended, and the businesses who sponsored the events. We took the pressure off the organising committee so they could focus on the event itself.

We provided all the support work - like terms and conditions, application forms etc. We designed and printed the flyers and signs too.

We helped find the sponsors, created the range of merchandise products and the prize packs.

We donated many things to help make the event a success like stickers for the vehicles, soccer balls and some signage.

We enjoyed it so much for J18 that we are doing it again for J19.

To make it even better this year, we have donated this website to showcase what the jamboree is all about. It's the place for all the winners to have their name on the perpetual trophy Sign Post and to see the faces of those that attended and the ones that worked so hard to make it a success. 

Jamborees - the place 4wdrivers go to play.

We hope to see you there.