J19 Wrap Up

The Jamboree spirit is truly alive and growing. Around 260 adults and children attended the second Jamboree held at River Valley Buckenbowra. The idyllic setting on the NSW South Coast played host to fifteen clubs and they took full advantage of the area. Members really embraced all aspects of what a Jamboree has to offer and the icing on the cake was perfect weather.

J19 was made possible by a collaboration between Blue Mountains, Triple Diamond and Black Diamond 4wd clubs and was fully supported by 4WD NSW/ACT Inc. The working groups spent many enjoyable weekends on location to bring this event together.

This year’s events had plenty to offer the competitive members. The Fun-kana had events like the zipper, the tighter the better, all sorts to sort and Cath & Kim “look at me”. We had two hill climbs, neither for the faint-hearted, OTT (locked hill) only saw 7 vehicles clear the top mound of this 150-metre monster and the Development Track (non-locked) only had 8 complete the steep snaking course.

The Night drags were shaping up as a Diesel verses Petrol show down and could not have worked out any better. Two VP’s of the State Exec, both members from the same club, and both running vehicles from the Toyota stable.  So, the high revving LS2 petrol powered 105 cruiser of Shane McClymont, up against the bullet proof over fuelled 105 diesel cruiser of Nigel Ward lined up for the 100-meter, mud flying, fingernail biting, dash to the end with a photo finish. Shane came first and Nigel a close second, a true crowd pleaser.

The Teams Bog Hole this year was certainly ramped up on J18, with a much longer course and “heaps” more mud, a great event and sensational teamwork by all who competed.

New to this years Jamboree was the Team Challenge, a combination of 4wd skills and human resilience. It was one of those events you just had to be there to witness, the power of teamwork at its highest level. I still smile when thinking about the tanning tents discipline as I am sure all who watched from the sideline still do.

The Jamboree was not all about competitions, 8 4wd trips left daily from the site, ranging from low range exploring to high range scenic trips. Many members slowing down the pace and taking advantage of seeing a world class zoo at Mogo, only a short 25-kilometre drive away. Even meals were taken care of for those who wanted a break from culinary duties with TJ’s kitchen in full swing in the main shed producing restaurant quality meals that did not disappoint, absolutely next level service. 

The evening entertainment started with Happy Hour each night. Even the blokes got involved by walking around in grass skirts. The fun continued well into the night hours around the main campfire.

Our little ones had obviously sent their letters of explanation to the Easter Bunny informing him where they were, because on cue on a bright and very early Sunday morning the Easter Bunny did not disappoint arriving in style with plenty of brightly colour Easter treats, a huge hit.

In closing, an event like this just does not happen; it takes a lot of work, support and coordination to pull it all together.

To all members not in the three clubs that where involved in the setup and running of J19, to all the sponsors for your support and trusting in the spirit of the Jamboree, to Peter & Leoni Worthington for the use of the property and most importantly to the Team at Clever Products for your invaluable assistance and patience. Darren, Tony and I wholeheartedly thank you.

Finally, to the Triple Diamond, Blue Mountains and Black Diamond members who supported J19 from its start to its completion, on behalf of everyone touched by the Jamboree thank you, thank you for your commitment to the 4wd association and its members, for being an integral part of one of the finest Jamboree on record. I believe I speak for three very proud Club Presidents when I say you are all champions.      Lee Dunstan - Black Diamond 4wd Club.